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Atlas Frame

About the Atlas frame by Porte

We test all our products thoroughly in the lab and extensively in the field. They also have proven themselves on World Cups, Cape Epics and other international races.

We build cross country bikes that are not only super light, but also ultra strong and beautifully finished with an exceptional sense of detail.

Above that the geometry and specs are pure race-oriented, to make you excel when you are giving your all. 

Are the frames completely safe?

All our products are approved by the EFBE testing facility in Germany to be in compliance with the ASTM Classification Level 3.

This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includes rough trails, rough unpaved roads, and rough terrain and unimproved trails that require technical skills. Jumps and drops are intended to be less than 61cm. 

You can have peace of mind and don’t have to think about your safety because we do.


Does it have Integrated Cabling?


With the integrated cable routing headset from Acros and our sleek design of our integrated handlebar we have achieved a very minimalistic look.

The guides are optional and not mandatory so it has a universal fit.


How do I find Porte products near me?


Be sure to use our store locator to shop for products near you.

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