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When purchasing our product through our website or from an authorized dealer, we grant a guaranteed factory warranty or a crash replacement subject to the following provisions.


The guaranteed factory warranty is, as imposed by EU law, valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. The crash replacement is valid for 36 months from the date of purchase. Both are not transferable and as such only granted to the first-time buyer of our product. If a defect in on our product is remedied within the scope of a warranty claim, the duration of guaranteed factory warranty or crash replacement is not extended. The guaranteed factory warranty and crash replacement ends when the first-time buyer transfers ownership of our product to a third person.


The guaranteed factory warranty does not apply to: 1. Normal wear and tear (bearings, derailleur hangers, spokes, …). 2. Wear and tear on superficial areas that do not affect the function of the parts. 3. Damage caused by accidents or other excessive force on a PORTE product (e.g. crash). 4. Mis-abuse (all-mountain, enduro, freeride, … all usage that is above level 3 ASTM). 5. Incorrect assembly or higher torque used than recommended. 6. Cosmetic defects, for example in the varnish, the decals or the anodizing. 7. Damage caused by a natural disaster. 8. Installation of components or accessories other than recommended by us 9. Modification of the products such as trimming (except handlebar cutting), repainting (unless raw carbon product was provided), drilling bigger spoke holes, using other decals than originally provided, … 10. Improper maintenance or follow-up by an uncertified technician. 11. Damage caused by corrosion or as a result of exceeding the natural lifespan of a raw material. 12. All other (except ours) bicycle components. 13. Damage caused by a third person or others. Warning! Do not use downhill stems on the carbon handlebar. Do not use a 2-bolted stem on the handlebar generation 1 (before 2021). Clean on a regular basis the carbon parts, so no chemical products can affect the varnish.


The guaranteed factory warranty is provided by, BE 0760.688.054. The buyer must inspect the product immediately after purchase and notify us or an authorized dealer at once in writing of any obvious defects. Hidden defects must be reported immediately after their discovery. In the event of a warranty claim or request for a crash replacement, the product must be handed over to us or an authorized dealer. The latter will contact us to remedy the defect. The assertion of a warranty claim or crash replacement always requires the presentation of the original proof of purchase. In the event of a warranty claim, we will, at its own discretion, repair the defect or replace the defective product with a product of similar quality, whereby color, decal and model deviations are possible. If a repair or replacement is not possible, a purchase price refund will be made taking into account previous use. We are entitled to commission third parties to remedy the defect. The crash replacement consists of a 40% discount on the retail prices online at our website for a similar product. PROCEDURE All warranty claims or crash replacement requests should be made through the web page accessible on the following page:

Please take an adequate amount of pictures,:

1. Picture(s) of the problem of why a warranty or crash replacement is requested. 2. Picture of the complete bike. 3. Picture of the serial number.

The serial number can be found on:

● The rimbed of the rim.

● Inside on the right side of a handlebar.

● Inside the headset and below the bottom bracket of a frame.

If possible provide us with as much specific information as possible, such as: the tyre pressure used, which stem used with the handlebar, the Nm used on the grips or brake levers, the jump height when a handlebar fails … anything that can give us valuable information. If possible, always provide a picture of the tyre on the rim when a product is concerned.


The place of jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with this guaranteed factory warranty and crash replacement is Ostend, Belgium. This manufacturer's guarantee is subject to Belgian law to the exclusion of all legislation that refers to foreign law. We are not responsible for deathly accidents, bodily injury, material damage to personal belongings or damage (physical or material) to third parties that may result from a defective component. Shipping costs must always be paid, unless the amount of 500 euros is exceeded then shipping costs are free.

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